Top 10 Phone Number Tracker in 2021

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Top 10 Phone Number Tracker in 2021

Most people may wonder how it’s possible to locate device using phone number. Little did you know that phone number tracker can trace device by just entering the phone number. It activates the GPS tracking system on the device and works with cellular signal to provide you with precise location. If you feel the need to trace a device and find someone, you’re in the right place. Following is the list of top phone number trackers, with unique features and intuitive design.

What is phone number tracker?

Phone number tracker helps track and locate a mobile number. It utilizes GPS or multilateration of radio signals between cell towers of the network and the phone to show you exact and real-time location of a phone number, such as state, city area, street name.

Top 5 Phone Number Tracker Websites

If you are not ready to install an app, phone number tracker websites are your first choice to know where a phone number is located. We’ve filter some of the most reliable and easy-to-use services, so you can pick one based on your needs.

  1. Find My Phone

With inbuilt GPS tracking system, Find My Phone gives you the ability to locate lost device and keep connected with family members. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to track down a phone number. It works with both Android and iOS devices and no app installation is required. All it takes is a cell phone number and let it do the job. Particularly, the number you enter is protected through encryption.


  • View location details like city area, street name, date and timestamp
  • Pan around or zoom in on the location
  • Get a satellite view of the address
  • Check the search history
  • Trace any mobile phone brand: Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, Blackberry

  1. Mobile Number Tracker

The next one on our list is Mobile Number Tracker. It has the ability to locate an Indian phone number and display the service provider or company name. This service works on mobile phones such as iPhone, Android and Nokia.


  • Trace mobile and vehicle numbers
  • See location with city name and other useful information
  • Include high compatibility

  1. Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is another reliable and easy-to-use tracking service online. It allows you to track mobile and landline number. You can get the name and location of the number. Simply type in the phone number and get started to access information.


  • Check service provider name, owner name and location
  • Deliver accurate location
  • Handle multiple mobile phone networks

  1. GPS Cell Phone Locator

GPS Cell Phone Locator is designed to find the details of phone number. No application or installation is required. This service is compatible with multiple network providers. All you need to do is enter a phone number and activate the service.


  • No technical background needed
  • See precise location
  1. Online GPS Phone Tracker

Here comes a specialized GPS phone tracker that supports various service providers. It can be used to track a phone number and gives you specific location. It also enables you to track landline number through its tracking system. However, you cannot track a stolen or turned-off device.


  • Results include name, address and more
  • Support operators like AT&T, Airtel, Reliance
  • Locate mobile and landline number

Top 5 Phone Number Tracker Apps

If you feel like that online website service cannot fulfill your needs, tracking apps offers you more options and features for mobile tracking. Take a closer look at these phone number tracker apps.

  1. Family Locator

If you’re looking for a comprehensive phone number tracking app, you must go for Family Locator. It comes with plenty of features that you can find your family members at any time and ensure their safety. You can input the phone number to get precise and real-time location. Also, you’ll be notified in case your family is nearby.


  • Share live location with family members
  • See the location on the interactive map
  • View coronavirus map and protect family healthy
  • Receiver notification when your family is nearby
  • Create circle for your closest people

  1. Number Locator

Number Locator is one of the most reliable phone number trackers available for Android users. You will be able to see the location information by entering the phone number. You can check the state, longitude, latitude, zip of the phone number and view the search history.


  • Work on both offline and online mode
  • Check exact location

  1. Find My Device

Find My Device is well designed to locate the lost or stolen device. You also can lock, erase or ring your smartphone remotely. You’ll find out the number within a specific distance. However, this app is only available for Android users and it should be connected to Google account.


  • Locate the lost smartphone
  • Show mobile location on the map
  • Ring the device when it’s nearby

  1. Find My iPhone

For iOS users, Find My iPhone is a great option to locate a phone number. It’s especially useful for whose devices was lost or stolen. It keeps tabs on missing devices by providing real-time location updates.


  • Locate, lock or erase the device
  • Get real-time location
  • Display the location on the map
  1. TrueCaller

TrueCaller is another popular mobile number tracker available for iOS devices. The location will be traced using 3D actions. Its auto spam feature gets update automatically. Before you pick up the call, you’ll see the relevant information about the caller.


  • Track a phone number using 3D actions
  • Remove call history


We’ve introduced you with several reliable phone number tracker websites and applications in this blog. In case you want to locate lost device and find out where your family member is, Find My Phone can serve your exact purpose. Just input the phone number within the site and view the precise location on the map.

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