How can I know the location of a mobile number?

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How can I know the location of a mobile number?

It seems like tracking mobile location with its number is just a joke. You would rather believe that only government and hackers can track a mobile number, wouldn’t you? Actually, the reality is average person can know the location of a mobile number. A combination of GPS and Wi-Fi gives us the ability to locate lost device and find loves ones. The capacity of technology is often overlooked and underestimated. If you are curious about how to know the location of a mobile number, simply follow this guide.

How to know the location of a mobile number?

If you are concerned about the location of your family members, want to know the whereabouts of your employees or find a lost device, phone number tracking is as real as they show in movies. The market offers a range of options but few of them actually work. You will end up wasting time and revealing much personal information. That’s where Find My Phone comes in handy.

It uses a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular signal to pinpoint a device’s location on a map. You’ll be able to follow the device’s movement remotely by simply entering the phone number. There is no need to install any program or application on your device. This device is compatible with the latest Android and iOS devices. Here’s how you can know the location of a mobile number:

Step 1. Select the country and enter the phone number

Step 2. Hit “Find location” button

Step 3. Receive email showing the location

As you can see, even newbie can use this service without any hassle. You can pan around, zoom in on the device’s location. It gives you access to current state, city, street name, date and timestamp. Also, this phone number tracker integrates Google Maps so you can learn more details about any location the phone user visited.

The great thing about it is the peace of mind you experience on knowing where your friends and family are. Parents can make sure their kids are safe and where they expect them to be, whether at school, after-school lessons and activities, or at home. You can see whether your friends happen to be nearby and have a happy chance meeting. Also, it gives you the possibility to get your precious device back.

How does location tracking service work?

Before the advent of GPS, triangulation technology helps pinpoint the location of a mobile device by accessing how far away it is from three or more cell towers in relation to a fixed location. However, modern smartphones are equipped with Wi-Fi and GPS chip. They work by detecting the position and signal from satellites. But being in a location without a clear view of the sky makes it difficult for the antenna in your phone to track the location via GPS.

That’s where Wi-Fi devices come into play. It’s constantly seeking Wi-Fi access points and publicly broadcasting data back to them. Now the smartphone can obtain an accurate fix on your location and make location-based apps and services that much more helpful. They create a baseline of your geolocation data and paint a more complete digital profile of you with every move you make.

Can I know the location of a mobile number using social media?

Yes, it is a trending way to search mobile number location using social media. You can enter the phone number in search bar of Facebook or Google. If the phone number is associated with the Facebook account, you’ll get the almost accurate information. But still, many people do not prefer to be on any social media, so in that case, you will not be able to get any information, then you have to go for other ways.

How to stop your phone from giving away its location?

Most people are willing to trade their privacy if they believe an app’s benefits outweigh its risks. We use those apps for convenience and safety. However, location data can be abused by marketers or third-parties. Thankfully, there are some measures you can take to prevent your phone from giving location.

  • Disable location service – You can either turn location service off completely or just for selected app. Most apps don’t require your location to function. Look under Settings > Privacy on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Use a VPN – A virtual private network creates a private tunnel between your smartphone and the internet, which encrypts your traffic and web activity from snoops and hackers.
  • Ask to connect – Make sure your phone requests to join a network whenever it is detected, rather than automatically connecting to the strongest open network. Go to Settings > WiFi > toggle Ask to Join Networks on.


The above mentioned are feasible ways by which you can know the location of a mobile number. Specialized phone number trackers like Find My Phone are superior to other tracking options. Ease of use and performance make it an ideal choice for both newbie and gurus. All you have to do is enter the phone number and let it do the job.

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