Can Your Location Be Tracked From a Text Message?

Can Your Location Be Tracked From a Text Message?

Although mobile digital technologies have made our lives easier than in the past, they’ve also reduced our privacy and security somehow. Since location data attach great importance to our privacy because if someone can find out where you are 24/7, seven days a week, they can cause a lot of trouble.

Tracking someone’s location is easier than you think. You may also wonder: Is it possible to track someone using text messages? If so, this article is your best answer! In today’s short blog, we will explain how an SMS location tracker works and how you can avoid someone using it to track your device’s location. Without wasting too much time, let’s dive right into it!

Is It Possible for Someone to Track Your Location From a Text?

The short answer is Yes, and other people can track your location by sending you a text via SMS! They may send you a link, ask you to install a hidden app or determine your location using phone company data. However, it is more tricky to track the location of a cell phone based on a text you send to someone. For example, if the message is an SMS, then only the phone company can access your location data and they will only share it with law enforcement. With the brief introduction, let’s go deeper into location tracking and its various systems.

How Can Your Location Be Tracked Via Text?

If someone made up their mind to track your location, unfortunately, they would be able to do it in many ways. So, below we will cover some of the most commonly used techniques to track someone’s location.

1. Through Live Links

Well, this must be the easiest way for someone to track your location as anyone can do this to you without any professional or technical experience. For this method to work, hackers usually take advantage of one of the geolocation services to send a text message to your phone number. Then, these services allow them to track anyone without paying a penny! As long as you open the link, your device will transmit your GPS location, and the perpetrator will get access to know your exact location in real-time.

But, we are not here to encourage you to give this kind of service a try, instead, if you have the need to keep track of your minor children or old parents for safety reasons, our recommendation is to use a reliable phone number tracker service like Phone Locator. This phone number geolocator tool is specifically designed for finding people’s current position and tracking a lost mobile device, depending on your various requirements. More importantly, it works in such a way that geolocation will be activated and will be effective only with the prior acceptance of the person sought. If you value your privacy, then this tool is sure to be the ideal option for you!

2. Via Triangulation

Note that the second method requires access to phone company software and mobile equipment. Most phone companies have thousands of towers in different areas, and phones have to be connected to these towers to transmit messages and calls from each other.

With the right tool in hand, some online hackers can send you a silent text message and then analyze the signals from your phone according to your nearby cell towers. They calculate your location by determining how long it takes for you to connect to different cell towers.

3. Through Silent Text Message

As the name suggests, a silent text message is simply a message that forces your device to permit its receipt but discard its contents. In other words, your phone will notify the sender that it received the text message but won’t inform you. Moreover, the message won’t even appear in your inbox. As we said earlier, with the right tools, anyone can accurately triangulate and estimate your location.

How To Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone?

As you know by now, some malicious tracking software is hard to detect while they are working in the background. They hide from your list of installed apps so that you can not easily find and uninstall them. Nevertheless, you should never give up and lose your hope as there are still ways for you to figure out if someone is tracking your phone by noticing the following signs beforehand: For example, when you realize your phone have problems with: Faster battery drain; Unknown apps; Increase in data usage; Phone overheating; Fail to make calls; Frequent screen activity; Odd browser history of files; Issues with turning off your phone and autocorrect misbehaving.

Tips on How to Avoid Spyware on Your Phone

Additionally, here are a few other tips to help you detect and avoid spyware on your phone:

  • Check your phone’s apps from time to time, and see if there are any unfamiliar apps.
  • Update your phone’s operating system to the latest version to get the latest patches and security protection your manufacturer provides.
  • Secure your phone with a password, pin code, pattern, or fingerprint.
  • Change your passwords regularly, and don’t use the same password on all your apps and devices.
  • Don’t let strangers have unsupervised access to your phone.


That is all. This article answers the important question of can your location be tracked from a text message and explains how to get someone’s location by sending an SMS. While triangulating is the traditional and widely used way to track location, it merely provides an approximate location. This can be difficult or impossible to trace or act on. However, accessible tools like Phone Locator can do the same job without much effort. Once you enter the phone number, the location can be tracked quickly from the web panel. It is very simple, easy, and safe to use!

Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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