What are the differences between active GPS and passive GPS?

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What are the differences between active GPS and passive GPS?

GPS tracker has once again come under the spotlight especially during the pandemic. The demands for staying connected with loved ones, finding phone location, locating assets are on the rise. If you’re thinking of investing in GPS technology, you may run into a fundamental problem: do you need an active or a passive GPS tracker? What are the difference between them? In the following guide, you’ll learn the difference and decide on the best GPS tracking devices for your needs.


Passive versus active GPS tracker

When selecting a GPS tracker, you are bound to come across two types of trackers: passive and active. They have both helped people in many ways. Deciding whether to invest in an active or passive GPS tracking is a personal choice, but they work differently and you can choose one that suits your needs.


Passive GPS tracker

Passive GPS, also known as a data logger, do not monitor movement in real-time. While using a passsive GPS tracker, you won’t be able to get real-time update and follow every last move that a tracked person or object makes. It stores information through an internal memory and must be downloaded to a computer. Passive tracking details usually include distance traveled, time and date, stops made and sudden speed.

This type of tracker can be place inside of a bag, lunchbox, vehicle or other object. The reason people choose passive trackers is that these devices are more affordable than active trackers.  It’s suitable for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts to calculate the distance they covered. Passive tracking is also a great way for parents to keep tabs on teen driver’s driving habits. They might need to know if they went somewhere they weren’t supposed to. Moreover, fleet manager can take advantage of data gathered by passive GPS to track tehir employee’s behavior.


Active GPS tracker

Compared to passive tracking, active GPS tracker allows you to view tracking data in real-time. It receives and amplifies the GPS signal it receives from satellites by sending power to attached GPS antenna. With the help of active tracker, you’ll be able to view real-time location, stop duration and other tracking details anywhere. It’s ideal when it comes to keeping track of aging parents, children and those people you care about.

For caregivers, active GPS technology is a good way to track the elderly parents and make sure they are within a safe perimeter. They also can track parents down easily in case they wander off. If you are a parent of underage kids, it’s better to opt for such technology to help locate your child’s position. Pet owners will often use active tracker to locate their wandering pets


Why active GPS tracker is better?

There are several reaons why active GPS tracker is better. Genearlly, passive GPS tracker focus more on storing and recording tracking data that should be downloaded from a computer, while active tracking transmits the same kind of information in real time. It is the best option for tracking loved ones and business assets as they provide tracking data with high accuracy and instant result.

Instead of waiting long time to download the information to a computer, real-time GPS technology provides instant and continuous location monitoring. Other than that, it enables you act immediately in times of need. Whether your phone gets misplaced, your kids go mising or your vehicle gets stolen, active GPS tracker can provide you with their exact location.


How to locate someone by gps on cell phone?

Opinion varies on whether or not it’s a good idea to locate your child. However, those parents who want to keep a watchful eye on child have an appealing option: the GPS tracker. It lets parents find children by gps and get peace of mind. Once you have decided upon a passive or active GPS tracking device, place it inside of your child’s backpack. For child tracking purposes, it’s advisable to purchase an active GPS tracker. Alternatively, you can invest in a online tracking service. That way, you don’t have to worry about how to outfit your child with a GPS tracker.

When you do a Google research, you can find a variety of online tracking services, such as Whitepages, Buddy locator, Find My Phone and so on. They give you the ability to lcoate your child by gps on cell phone, without having to install anything. If a child does not get home at scheduled time, you can find out where your child is by locating his cell phone and checking real-time location.


To wrap up

Now you have a basic understanding of the difference between passive and active GPS tracker. To summarize, active tracker processes data in real-time while passive tracking cannot provide you with latest update. If you are looking to locate your family members and stay connected with them, it’s best to choose an active GPS technology.

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