Top 5 benefits of GPS location tracking

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Top 5 benefits of GPS location tracking

Talking about the benefits of GPS location tracking seems like an  old hackneyed phrase, but not all people are aware of its wide range of uses. And this technology continues to prove valuable in a variety of fields, improving lives of millions of people around the world. In fact, GPS tracker can greatly benefit both individuals and business, from family safety to fleet managment. For those who are not aware of huge benefits of GPS technology, it’s advisable to follow this simple guide and have a basic understanding, then you can put GPS technology into good use.

What is GPS tracker and how it works?

GPS, shorts for global positioning system, involves a network of satellites orbiting around the Earth and devices that can help identify an individual or object’s location. Initially developed for military use, GPS technology eventually becomes available for public use. Nowadays, GPS tracker can be used to locate where a truck is on its route, a child’s position, or even for assets being transported.

What are benefits of GPS location tracking?

Most of us are familiar with the most common uese of GPS technology, such as mapping and surveying, and getting directions. But there are many other uses you may not be aware of. This powerful technolohy plays an important role in all types of applications used by the military and first responders as well as commerical and personal uses.

Child Safety

It’s impossible for parents to hold children’s hands and follow them around all the time. A live location tracker by mobile number online might just be the technology you need. It can help you ensure your child is safe when you’re not around, while make them feel more independent.

Using apps like life360 and Google Maps, family members can stay updated about the whereabouts of your child. The live location feature lets you track your child’s location in real-time. With location history reports, you can go through their day and understand where and how long they have spent time at each location. Whether your child is going to an unfamiliar part of the city or camping in the dark, deep woods, these GPS cell phone trackers helps you stay in touch with children. Having the ability to locate your child by cell phone, parents can get peace of mind knowing their kids are safe and sound.

Family Care

GPS location tracking also acts as a family assistant that brings the whole family closer. If you can know the location of family members, some of the anxiousness, concern, distress associated with loved ones can be lessen. Whether you have a spouse that travels for business frequently, a teen who goes out with friends at late evening, or an elderly who is living independently – GPS cell phone tracker can help you connect the people you care about the most.

Location history feature also lets you see where your family members have been with exact locations and visualized routes. It also inherently solves the communication issues. You don’t have to call or text your family members frequently and ask where they are going.

Even if you do not intend to install an application, online website services like Phone Locator comes in handy. It can benefit the entire family for years to come. You’ll be able to GPS locate a cell phone or keep track of your family by phone number, without installing software or prior technical experience.

Emergency Care

No one expects worst-case scenarios, but it’s always suggested to have a plan of action and promote safety if anything was to happen. GPS tracking system offers an easy and reliable way to track your family member’s location and notify emergency services to send help when you need it most.

Fleet Management

From vehicles to drivers, real-time location tracking can help prevent missed deadlines, lead to better customer service and gain competitive advantages. Business owners can keep an eye on vehicle’s movements, plan the fastest routes to help reduce fuel consumption, cut down the wear and tear on the vehicles and ultimately save cost in the long run. Also, GPS tracker lets you have a better understanding of speeding and idling to help you enforce policies that ensure driver safety.

Customer Service

Location tracking apps or services make it easier to promote relations with your customers. Having GPS tracker installed on company-owned phone, you can send updates to your customers when drivers will reach their location. You also can access to driver’s live location so as to inform your customers when to expect their delivery.

Legality of GPS location tracking

Though GPS tracking greatly benefits our daily life, privacy concerns associated with this technology have resulted in legislation on how these trackers can be used. Before you put a GPS tracker on a person or someone else’s vehicle or property, it’s better to check the current federal, state and local laws. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s completely legal to use a GPS tracker on the asset you own.
  • Parents can track their child’s location for safety.
  • Employees must be notified that they are being tracked while on the job.

Wrapping up

By employing a GPS tracker on your family’s mobile phone, you can access to the real-time location of your loved ones and stay connected with them. You also can put a GPS tracking system on your assets including vehicle or smartphone, so as to prevent assets theft. Now that you know the potential benefits of location tracking, why not search online and get yourself a reliable one? After all, technology will never disappoint you.

Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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