Is it possible to locate a cell phone in real-time?

Is it possible to locate a cell phone in real-time?

It should come as no surprise that GPS technology is employed in our daily life and facilitate communication. With the aid of certain cell phone locators, accurate location of the device can be easily available. However, the questions that come to our mind is if the location provided is synchronized with time value and if we can locate a cell phone in real-time. As it is related to our day-to-day activities, more attention should be paid to it. In this guide, we’ll show you the possibility of real-time location tracking and its benefits.

Is it possible to locate a cell phone in real-time?

Yes,  precise clocks are needed in GPS to provide position with high accuracy. Using atomic clocks in GPS satellites can keep time to within three nanoseconds – three billionths of a second. As position accuracy relies on the GPS receiver, most handheld receivers are accurate to about 10 to 20 meters.

By using a second GPS unit at a fixed nearby location, both military and civilian users can access higher accuracy. In such way, positions can be accurate to less than half an inch. But when it comes to time accuracy, all GPS satellites transmit their data signals at the exact same time so precise synchronization is essential. These signals are checked constantly and adjusted as needed.

However, if we take into account the time delay between the satellite and the receiver, the time value received wouldn’t be accurate insofar as GPS receivers are unable to pinpoint the location until they’ve got accurate time.

Moreover, GPS time is a precise tijme standard associated with UTC. The major difference is that GPS time is a continuous time usually measured in weeks and seconds from GPS time zero point of midnight.

How real-time GPS phone locator work?

Real-time GPS locator enables users to know wehere their assets are located. Whether you want to locate a family member, cell phone, pets, vehicle or othe assets you own, real-time GPS locator can help you do so. Whether you want to locate your kids to ensure they get home safely, or check the actions of a delivery driver, you can view the live location on your smartphone.

What are benefits of real-time GPS phone locator?

The benefits of using real-time GPS phone locator should be highlighted. It helps reduce costs, increases driver responsibility, benefit your business, save on insurance and much more. Let’s discuss them in details.

Save time and money

Equipped with real-time GPS tracking, you can manage route planing data with ease. Simply plan the shortest routes and make adjustments in real-time based on traffic, finally reducing fuel costs. It also cut down the wear and tear on the vehicles.

If you can locate your family members in real-time, you can start making meals before they arrive. In case they need help, you can obtain more time and go there. It reduces the risks of your loved ones getting into more trouble.

Another situation is that you want to locate your lost cell phone. It’s known to us that losing phone can bring both monetary loss and data loss. If a cell phone locator can pinpoint real-time and exact location of your device, you’ll be able to retrieve it, without having to replace it with a new one.

Boost accountability

Real-time GPS devices are especially useful in fleet. They can keep tabs on speeding, idling and engine start and stop times. These metrics help reduce cost and ensure driver safety. In case of emergency like accident or stolen device, it will enable you to alert authorities to exact location.

Benefit your business

GPS system provides you with necessary data that will be invaluable to your business. Once you employ it into your fleet, you can analyze the data over time to create reports. For instance, you can measure the cost differences between the routes of several clients, create comprehensive cost analysis reports and much more. All these will benefit your business and provide better service for your customers.

Final thoughts

GPS phone locator helps figure out where you are located and where you’re going. But here’s the problem: is it possible to locate a cell phone in real-time. Never mind, the above guide has provided the answer. It means that you’ll be able to get accurate location in real-time. Check out the guide and learn how it will benefit your life and business.

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