How to locate a cell phone with SIM card number?

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How to locate a cell phone with SIM card number?

The cell phone has penetrated into every asepect of our daily lives, such as taking a picture, making phone calls, completing the payment and much more. It’s not just a simple gadget that enriches our lives, it stores a variety of information that we can never afford to lose. It’s no wonder that one can feel frustrated and anxious when the smartphone is found lost. When you do a search online, you can find various options available to retrieve the device. Here we’re focusing on how to locate a cell phone with SIM card number and hope you can benefit from it. Learn how it works in the following guide.

How can you locate your lost cell phone?

There always exists the possibility of losing our valuable cell phone. Have you ever wondered what should you do if your phone goes missing accidentally? If you find yourself in similar situation, the first thing is to keep calm. Try to call your phone, send a text or retrace your steps. If these methods fail, you should figure out how to locate a cell phone. Luckily enough, whether you’re using Android or iPhone, inbuilt lost phone locator enables you to locate, ring, lock or wipe the data on your phone remotely. The introduction of Google’s Find My Device and Apple’s Find My iPhone can explain this perfectly. You even can message your device to get in touch with whoever finds it.

However, only these settings are enabled previously can your phone be located. So what if you didn’t enable these settings before your phone got lost? Is it still possible to find the location of your cell phone? Don’t panic, with the aid of SIM card number, you’ll be able to pinpoint your phone’s location.

How to locate a cell phone with SIM card number?

Subscriber identification module, shorts for SIM card, is a momory chip that contains a variety of mobile information like text messages, cell phone number and personal identity information. This small gadget allows a cell phone to get connected to a mobile network. A SIM card can work on several cell phones, without informing the network provider, which makes it easier for thieves to use stolen devices by removing the old one. However, few people are aware of its validation and encoding ability to prevent or locate a lost cell phone.

Call your phone

The easiest way is to call your smartphone, in the hope of a good Samaritan returning it back. Moreover, it provides a way for your carrier to pinpoint the last known location of your phone.

Locate your IMEI number

Look for your international mobile equipment identity or IMEI on the box in which your phone was delivered. It’s an unique number used by GSM network to identify valid devices. Thus, your network provider can locate the lost phones and prevent the phone from connecting to a particular network.

Contact mobile network provider

It’s advisable to call your local mobile service providers and give them your account number and mobile phone number. You can ask provider to offer you SIM card number associated with your IMEI and cell phone number.

Request for assistance

Another way to locate a cell phone is ask your provider for assistance in determining the location of your SIM card. In case the original SIM card has been replaced, network provider can use the IMEI number of your mobile phone to locate the new SIM card number of your lost phone.

Contact local police

If you have suspicions that your phone was stolen, you can contact your local police. Law enforcement has the ability to block your mobile phone to prevent someone from using it. It can send SMS notification to the lost phone. If anyone turns it on with any SIM card, the message will be received.

Additional tips to make your phone secure

There are a plenty of measures you can take to make your Android or iOS device secure. You’d better purchase the device only from legit sellers and set a passcode that’s a bit longer and complicated than the usual four-digit password. You also can make use of two-factor authentication, back up your data, regularly update your operating system. More importantly, don’t forget to enable lost phone locator beforehand. Even if your phone gets lost, get a reliable reverse lookup service, IMEI tracker or use SIM card number to locate your phone.

Closing thoughts

We’ve discussed how to locate a cell phone with SIM card number in this article. One can know the location of cell phone and recover it by following the guide. It deserves a try as you have nothing to lose! However, it’s always suggested to take precautions to keep your phone safe and secure.

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