How to find my friend location by mobile number?

How to find my friend location by mobile number?

Long gone are those days when location tracking can be done only by law enforcements or hackers. You don’t even need to trace the sim card in the phone and triangulate its location with reference to cell towers. The good news is that now this advanced technology is accessible and popular with civilians. All it takes to find mobile phone location is even a phone number and no technical background is needed. In the following guide, we will introduce you with feasible ways to find friend location by mobile number.

How to find my friend location by mobile number?

When it comes to find friend location, a series of options are at your disposal. We can name a lot: default phone apps, cell service provider, third-party apps or services. However, it can be a challenging task to pick up the best among a large amount of options. Also, most of them do not work and try to steal your personal information. That’s why we have put together four reliable options to help you find friend location by mobile number.

Option 1. Google Latitude

Google Latitude has actually been around for quite a while. This cell phone GPS tracking app can locate your friends no matter what cell phone they are carrying. It determines one’s location by GPS which offers more exact location information or the nearest cell twoers which has an accuracy of a few miles. If your phone is travelling with mobile phone that has Google Latitude installed, you can find their exact location on Google Maps through any internet connected device.

You can add friends using your Gmail account and their Gmail address. Once the request is confirmed, any one of your friends with Gmail account can be located no matter what device they are using. To make it easier to find your friend location,  you can utilize the Check In feature that allows you to send pinpoint location information to all of your friends.

This option is especially useful for gathering and class reunion. You’re likely to have a happy chance meeting with your friends. Moreover, you should be aptly equipped to venture off into the wild without having to worry about losing your friends.

Option 2. Find My Friends

Similar to Google Latitude, Find My Friends enables you to share location with your friends. It’s incredibly simple to navigate, and it track someone’s location through reading out a text location and by plotting buddies on a map. Other than that, you’ll be able to hide your location, reach out to your friends from the app through iMessage and get directions to your friend’s location.

All you need to do is add friends through the app by either their Apple ID or by sending an email to them at any address. Once done, you are able to link them to any existing contact through the Find My Friends app. This powerful tool also gives you ability to add some temporarily, like during the course of a 2-hour window, perhaps, just to facilitate meeting up that once.

Option 3. IMEI & GPS call tracker

IMEI & GPS call tracker can be used to track the location of a cell phone in real-time. Apps like GPS Phone & Locate Any Phone are great with tracking mobile phones, even when the phone is not connected to the internet. It will provide you with GPS coordinates of a phone number within seconds.

Option 4. Find My Phone

Based on GPS, WiFi connection and cell tower triangulation, this online cell phone locator helps find a phone location worldwide. Just enter the phone number in the search field, it will show your friend’s exact location on Google Maps in a short while. You can access location information including current city, street name, zip and timestamp. It also allows you to switch to satellite view and check the visual location.

Why you might need to find someone’s location?

It feels like an intervention into someone’s privacy if you try to find someone’s phone location. However, life can present us with situations where privacy becomes a smaller thing, and we need to keep an eye on someone’s location. Reasons when the need for knowing someone’s location transcends privacy include:

  • When your friend get separated from you in a crowded place and she can’t describe cleary where she is, location tracking is particularly helpful.
  • When you need to make sure your kids are not sneaking into bars or going to those places they shouldn’t supposed to be.
  • If your partner is not faithful to you and you want to know whether they actually go to another city.
  • When you want to make sure your elderly relatives are safe.

When faced with such situations, GPS location tracking can help you find someone’s location without any hassle. You even can do it without them noticing – that is the important point. If they know you can check their location, this whole thing cannot work.

How can I find someone’s location without access?

Using online tracking services such as WhitePages or Find My Phone let you find someone’s location without being noticed and without installing software on target phone. For this to work, visit the official website and enter the phone number you wish to geolocate, then get started.

How is location tracking misused?

GPS tracker can be put to good use in many fields of our life, but there are some exceptions. For instance, an abuser could use GPS to learn where you have been, and then misuse the information against you. As GPS-enabled devices can be so small and easily hidden, an abuser could hide a device in your belongings or car. The GPS in your phone could also be used to track you. Thus, make sure that you don’t approve suspicious incoming friend request on Latitude. Only close friends and family members should be part of your location sharing network.

Final thoughts

There are a number of methods to find friend location by mobile number and you can pick up one that fits your needs. Of all the options we tested, Google Latitude provides the accurate result and the most comprehensive set of features. If you are not intend to install any app, gps cell phone locator like Find My Phone can server your exact purpose. Simply enter the phone number and start tracking!

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