How to track an iPhone if the SIM card is removed?

How to track an iPhone if the SIM card is removed?

If you think tracking an iPhone without SIM card is an impossible task, consider the advanced and existing technology. You would rather believe that it suits cell phone carrier, police or law enforcement, wouldn’t you? The reality is that your lost or stolen iPhone can be tracked even if the SIM card is removed. You don’t need to resort to any paid service or go through complicated procedures. The solution is in your phone and it may surprise you.

How to track an iPhone if the SIM card is removed?

Find My iPhone is built into almost every iOS device. In combination with online iCloud services and the phone’s GPS, this tool allows user to find exact location of the smartphone. Even if the SIM card is removed, you still can track the iPhone. However, there are some limitations of this service. Let’s discuss it in details.

Track an iPhone without SIM card

It’s still possible to track an iPhone even if the SIM card is taken out. The Find My iPhone app communicates with wireless network so that it can perform perfectly. When the SIM card of iPhone is removed, communication is no longer possible, and the GPS coordinates of the location can’t be found. However, to track a mobile phone without SIM card, the iPhone just needs a simple internet connection. If the mobile phone is connected to WiFi, it can be easily tracked. Please note that the iPhone needs cellular data or a WiFi network, and you will be able to track and find it.

Importance of battery

There are a variety of factors that can determine if you are able to track an iPhone or not. For instance, if the battery of the iPhone is removed, or it runs out of power, you won’t be able to find the phone. Because the battery is taken out, the WiFi or data will not work and the phone can’t be traced.

As opposed to removing a SIM card, taking out a battery is not possible in the iPhone, because it doesn’t come with a removable battery. However, if the iPhone is stolen, the first thing that they would do is turn off the phone. It means that Find My iPhone application will not work.

Though Find My iPhone offers an easy way to track a lost or stolen iPhone, those who are stealing an iPhone would know that removing the battery and SIM card will make it ineffective. However, not many phones have this amazing feature included.

Find My iPhone settings

Bear in mind that unless and until Find My iPhone is enabled, you won’t be able to locate the missing iPhone using this application. Turning this option on lets the phone form a connection with Apple servers and they can track the phone in real-time, as well as keep the receipts of the instant messages that the user sends.

Mark as lost

When an iPhone goes missing and you are able to track it, then you can mark it as lost. To get it started, the phone should have internet access or the SIM data should be in use. When the user locks the iPhone using passcode, they cann also put up a custom message on the lock screen, telling the finder to deliver the phone to a particular address or contact them on another number.

iOS users are also given option to erase the data remotely so as to prevent someone from misusing them. However, if you have erased a devive, you would no longer be able to trace the iPhone and the activation lock will be disabled as well.

How to track an iPhone without battery?

As we mentioned before, it’s not possible to track an iPhone without battery. That’s because Find My iPhone needs to communicate with your wireless network. If the SIM card is taken out, the application can no longer track the GPS coordinates of your phone. Similarly, it cannot work if the battery of your iPhone has been removed or the phone has no power.

However, you still can send a message to be displayed on your device using the MobileMe service, or erase all your data from the phone. The actions will only take place when the phone is powered on.

Is it possible to track an iPhone without service?

The iPhone without service can not be traced. It needs to be connected to the internet so as to update its location. However, some third-party solutions can help iPhone users find lost or stolen devices. For examples, there is a service that relies on crowd GPS functionality.

Does removing SIM card delete everyting?

No, SIM card is pretty much interchangeable. After taking out the SIM card, the information that may be lost will be the contacts and messages directly saved on it. Someone can also insert a new SIM card into the device and enable cellular data. It will allow you to see the location of a lost device with Find My iPhone via iCloud.

Can a stolen iPhone be used with a new SIM card?

The answer is no, a stolen iPhone can not be used with a new SIM card. That’s because the owner of iPhone can trace it regardless of the SIM card. For this to work, you can connect to a WiFi or cellular data and log into his iCloud ID using a computer. You also can sign into Find My iPhone through which you can easily track the stolen iPhone if it has internet connection. Moreover, whoever stole your iPhone will find it impossible to swicth it over since it requires credentials.

Final thoughts

Now you know an iPhone can be traced even if the SIM card is taken out. With internet connection either cellular data or WiFi network, Find My iPhone will help you track a lost or stolen mobile phone. Also, your stolen iPhone can not be used with a new SIM card. Check the guide out for more information!

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