How to find my iPhone using phone number?

How to find my iPhone using phone number?

Imagine this: you accidentally lose your precious phone and are not able to find it despite trying all the methods. This small gadget holds valuable information that we can never afford to lose. It forces you to start digging into phone finding. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, you can find answer in this guide. Below we’ll show you how to find my iPhone using phone number.

How to find iPhone location using phone number?

When you search online, you can find various options are available. However, few of them actually work and you will end up wasting time and revealing much personal information. That’s why we would recommend you use Find My Phone, which delivers guaranteed results along with ease of use.

Find My Phone is a comprehensively phone number tracker that enables you to locate the device and check location details. This includes the current state, city, street name, zip, date and attached timestamp. It can trace a mobile device such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and much more. The best thing about this service is you don’t need to install any app on your phone. To find my iPhone using phone number, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Enter the target country and phone number

Step 2. Verify messages

Step 3. Receive the email showing the location

This system lies in the accuracy of location. It is integrated with GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular signal to give you exact location. Once the phone number is assigned into the interface, it will deploy the solution to you within a few radius. Simply zoom in and out the interactive map, pan around and identify specific features.

This geolocation service can be used to find the lost or stolen device. Keep in mind that the phone should be turned on and connected to the internet. Also, it gives parents complete peace of mind, knowing that their child is safe. Some business owners use it to locate their remote and in-the-field employees and make sure they are working properly.

How to track my phone using Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone is available for smartphone owners to search for their lost or stolen device. This app connects to Google maps and detects the current location of your iPhone. It requires you to log in to your iCloud account and track your iPhone using only the phone number. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Launch Find My iPhone on another device

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID

Step 3. Tap your iPhone. It should appear in a list of devices below the map. The location of your phone will be displayed on the map. If your phone has been powered off or the battery has died, it will show you the last known location of your phone.

Step 4. Tap Actions at the bottom-center of the screen. It lets you play a sound, lock the device or erase the data.


Is it possible to find my iPhone with phone number?

It seems that it’s almost impossible to use Find my iPhone by number. If you are talking about the IMEI number that’s another story, but it completely depends on your luck when it comes to find an iPhone with just its number. The reasons is the number you have been using is given by the service provider and if your phone is stolen or picked up by someone, then they could have simply replaced its SIM. It makes it impossible to locate your lost or stolen device.

If the SIM is not removed and your phone has been used by someone to make a call, then finding its location would be tough as well. Even in this scenario, you can find the location from where the call was made. By the time you reach that location, your phone could have been moved. Thus, the chances of using Find my iPhone by number to locate an iPhone are quite bleak. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be panic. There are a couple solutions that help find my iPhone using phone number.

How to find my iPhone using GPS tracking apps?

GPS tracker is one of your last resorts to locate the device in a reliable manner. This app works with the combination of mapping and GPS technology while providing the exact location of the device. You’re also given the options of location sharing and the facility of accessing the location for the last 24 hours. It’s compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, you can check the compatibility and do wonder with it.

What can be my final choice?

The above options can effectively locate your lost or stolen iPhone. However, considering factors like ease of use, security and performance, Find My Phone is our recommended choice. No in-depth knowledge is required to make use of this service. Simply enter the phone number and check exact location. You can rest assured that it doesn’t store any user data to its server.


Now you know the answer to find my iPhone using phone number, you can keep the device safe. In particular, Find My Phone works with GPS technology to locate your lost or stolen device. Just enter the number you wish to locate and get real-time and exact location. Give it a try!

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