How can I track iPhone without internet?

How can I track iPhone without internet?

If you are a technophiles, you will certainly know that GPS chip embedded in your smartphone can help to track the location of a phone. The phone needs an data connection to transmit the GPS location information. The GPS data is required as input for the location data based on its usage and objectives. What if the phone is connected to the internet? The question of “how to track an iPhone without the internet” naturally comes to our mind. Luckily enough, there are several ways you can use to locate a cell phone without internet connection and they are easy to navigate through. Here’s how to set everything up.

Can I track an iPhone without internet?

Yes, even if your iPhone has no internet connection, it’s still possible to be tracked. When your smartphone is connected to internet or WiFi, it uses Assited GPS or A-GPS. In case there is no data connection, it connects with the nearby cell tower and WiFi network to rougly figure out your device’s location.

Use Message to track iPhone location

One of the hassle-free ways to track iPhone location without internet is by using messages. You need to install Google Maps on your iPhone. Once you set it up, you can send SMS to find the location of iPhone. Before you take advantage of this option, you should make sure the iPhone is GPS enabled.

  • On your iPhone, go to “Messages”.
  • In Messages, tap the edit button at the top right.
  • At the “New Message” window, tap the Google Map icon below.
  • iPhone will then show your location below. Tap the Send icon below to send your location using SMS.
  • The current GPS location of iPhone will be shown in the new messages.
  • Fill up the email and tap send.
  • Whoever the receiver of the SMS message will be able to use that GPS location to track the iPhone.

Extract location from iPhone photos

You’re also given option to extract location from photos in iPhone. Photos taken by your iPhone actually have details such as location as well as GPS coordinate. With the iPhone location, you’ll be able to get back to the same place where you made the picture a long time ago. You also can share it with your friends. Here’s how you can track location based on EXIF data on JPEG.

  • Take a picture of your current location. In theh iPhone, tap “photos”.
  • Select the photo where you have just taken.
  • In the selected photo, swipe up.
  • iPhone will show the place where the picture is taken.
  • You can choose to see the picture in a map, hybrid or satellite format.
  • The iPhone location can be tracked based on the map shown there.

Utilize Compass app to find iPhone location

If the above methods fail, it’s still possible to find the location of iPhone. You can make use of Compass app that is normally pre-installed in your iPhone. It helps extract the GPS coordinates of your iPhone in Longitude and Latitude. Follow the steps to find iPhone location using Compass app:

  • Go to Compass app and make sure the iPhone is enabled for GPS location sharing.
  • Tap the coordinate more than 3 seconds, and tap “copy”.
  • Open the Message function in iPhone. Paste the coordinate and send the location using your mobile data via SMS.

Can I track an iPhone that’s turned off?

The short answer is yes, Apple comes with Bluetooth location feature that allows you to find an offline iPhone, as long as it is turned on. Also, you can locate a lost cell phone that’s turned off, by tracking its last known location using the “Find My ” app.

If you’re new to the iPhone or have never set up Find My app yet, you can go to Settings, tap on your name and “Find My”, then toggle “Find my iPhone” on. If you have upgraded to iOS15, you aslo can enable “Find My network” that enables you to track an offline iPhone. While “send last location” feature will send the location of your iPhone to your Apple account even if the battery is about to die.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned methods can help you track an iPhone and they are easy to set up. There is no need to install any third-party app. But if you have enabled “Find My” app before, you’ll be able to track a lost iPhone easier. Feel free to leave us a comment if you know alternative ways of tracking iPhone location without internet.

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