How can GPS technology save your life?

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How can GPS technology save your life?

As one of the most frequently researched topics, security and GPS deserves more attention. This global positioning system technology is usually given to locate mobile device, prevent getting lost, find the shortest route around the traffic jam. However, there’s much more to GPS technology beyond simple geolocation and what most people don’t realize is how can GPS technology save your life. It can be used to save lives, from locating kidnapped kids, facilitating search and rescue to preventing crashes. The following are a few ways GPS can save your life.

A kidnapping thwarted

Believe it or not, GPS solutions can make us safer. With rising crimes around the world, parents are concerned about child safety, especially when they frequent the outdoors. Particularly, certain amount of kids are reported kidnapped every year. In case kids are wearing inconsipucious GPS device, parents can know exactly where kids are and help them from dangerous situation. Law enforcement officers also utilize this technology for better search and rescue.

Find missing people or assets

Nobody wants to go through the nightmare of having their loved ones go missing, espcially kids and elderly parents. GPS technology is integrated with many devices to locate cell phone or someone in case of emergency. When your kids do not arrive home in secheduled time, you can use cell phone locator to quickly pinpoint their location and provide timely help. Also, it’s advisable to place GPS tracking device in backpack or tennis shoe for older adults with Alzheimer’s. In case they can’t recall the destination or get lost, you can know the current whereabouts and come to there.

Quite similar to people, assets like vehicle, car key or pet might be missing. Thankfully, GPS technology can be used for pets who love to wreak havoc throughout the neighborhood when he sees an entry door left open. You will get peace of mind knowing where your pet is and ensuring his safety. Another situation is someone uses your vehicle without your permission or it goes missing. If you can determine the vehicle’s location, you’ll be able to recover it.

Help in natural disaster

Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis still pose a serious threat to humanity. By taking the assistance of GPS,  it can help save 90% of potential victims. For instance, dropsondes that measure controlling winds around the hurricanes are dropped by parachute and located by GPS. Without this advanced technology, it could be harder to predict hurricane moverment.

GPS technology will allow to be rescued faster. As most of tsunamis cause local damage, every warning center can save lives by accessing the information as fast as possible. GPS provides more precise real-time tracking that cuts warning time by 20 minutes when compared to traditional methods.

Prevent transportation accidents

Thousands of people have lost their lives due to vehicle accidents. Such struggle inspires manufacturers to develop more advanced tool and save more lives.  The utilization of radar sensors and GPS allow cars to take control when a danger arises. Global positioning system technology is used to prevent vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, including pedestrians and cyclists. Its coordinates detect where others are located in the area and their proximity. It works with sensors to detecte speed and alert the car’s pace or stops the car completely to avoid a crash.

When it comes to skies, GPS system can do a favor. It’s known to some of us that Air Traffic Control keeps tabs on planes both in the air and on the groud, managing use of the runways to increase efficiency and preventing plane-to-plane collisions. Accurate coordination of skies and knowledge of the environment also prevent collisions with structures such as buildings or mountains ranges. Even if physical vision is difficult for pilots, GPS technology can provide a lens to observe the future. It’s especially useful when pilots are looking for a landing site.

Bottom line

Now that you have a basic understanding of how important GPS is for saving lives, it’s time to employ GPS technology to keep secured and connected. You can take advantage of it to locate family members and prevent getting lost, or make your device equipeed with GPS so that rescuer can pinpoint your location in case of emergency. Moreover, utilize this technology to make your trip safer and avoid collisions. Whatever the case, get GPS devices and stay safe!

Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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