6 Common myths about cell phone tracking

6 Common myths about cell phone tracking

We once believed that cell phone tracking is only possible in fiction movies. But the advancement of technology may surprise many of us. There is a plenty of applications that are available nowadays that allow people to identify the location of a cell phone as well as track their loved ones. Even though the availablity of cell phone tracking is a reality, there are many myths prevailing around this concept. The reasons for any misconceptions around GPS tracking are mostly due to a misunderstanding of the service or product. We take this opportunity to explain in details about common myths about cell phone tracking.

Myth 1. GPS tracking is unproven technology

GPS technology has been effectively used for many decades. It has the ability to locate and track objects or individuals at any time using satellites and wireless communications. This technology is becoming prevalent in the consumer market and can be used for personal, business or security purpose. For instance, Google Maps lets user share real-time GPS location with family members and bring the whole family closer. While the effectiveness of GPS fleet management systems help increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Myth 2. We trust someone which is why we don’t need GPS trace

GPS tracking is not about monitoring the person’s every move. It has been proven to track your loved ones in real time to keep them safe, especially when they did not arrive home at scheduled time and answer the phone calls. When it comes to your business, it’s about reducing fuel and maintenance costs, increasing the efficiency of routing and dispatching and providing safety and security for drivers.

Myth 3. GPS tracking systems are complicated to install and utilize

Some mobile phone trackers online claim someting elese about the installation process and users used to think they have to become tech-savvy first to complete the setup on target phone. However, most of the tracking apps are easy to install and use. No technical background is required during the setup process. Also, some companies provide you with knowledgeabnle, accessible technical support to cover any service issues that may arise.

Myth 4. You can’t install tracking app on phones without access

It is one concern of people who wish to track another mobile phone. They are of the opinion that just because the device is not in their possession, they cannot install a tracking app on it. However, you just need  the phone for few minutes to install and to activate the app then you can keep track of the cell phone on your computer or device. Even if you don’t have access to target device, online mobile services like WhitePages and Find My Device allow you to track a mobile phone. You don’t need to install any software or app on target device.

Myth 5. GPS receiver is not accurate on mobile phone

GPS technology has been improved greatly. To support location tracking, there are a lot of satellites have been launched all over the world like Russian GLONASS, European Gallelio, US GPS to provide more accurate and reliable global positioning system.

Myth 6. Protect yourself from being tracked by putting phone in airplane mode

Airplane mode is not guaranteed to disable GPS module in the phone. The fact is that on some phones airplane mode disables GPS and on some phones it does not. This can work when you need to find lost or stolen mobile phone or track your loved ones. Thus, if you have an application that shows GPS location in text form or against the background of a saved map or simply records locations, it will still work in airplane mode.

Moreover, GPS is not the only way to track someone’s location. GPS provides precise location, but the signal transmission time between several cell towers is regularly used to triangulate a less accurate location. It means that simply turning off GPS will not prevent yourself from being tracked.

Airplane mode will turn off your mobile phone’s service and Wi-Fi so your phone will enter the ‘do not disturb’ mode. However, some tracking applications can still record the phone’s movements with the likelihood that it will eventually be able to transfer this data in some way.

Wrapping up

We take the initiative to debunk the common myths about cell phone tracking. We felt they needed to be broken down as soon as possible. This guide further helps users to get rid of technical issues they used to face, and we hope you find it helpful!

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