How to track a cell phone using Google Earth for free?

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How to track a cell phone using Google Earth for free?

With the increasing use of sophisticated gadgets in the world, several GPS trackers are available for tracking phone location. In particular, Google Earth is such an application that detects the location and the usage of a specific phone number. One also can use tracking service to find location with just number. This article seeks to describe how to track a cell phone using Google Earth for free.

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a program that provides a 3D demonstration of the earth based on satellite images. Getting engaging with Google maps, you can see the aerial views that are shot using Google satellites. It is used by millions of mobile users to explore the planet. Other functions available in the geographical map service include the 360-degree experience on the street shots, aerial shots and much more.

How to track cell phone location using Google Earth?

Google Earth is important in locating the place where a mobile phone is exactly situated at a specific time. To track a phone location, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch the web browser and type and hit on the enter button

Step 2. Enter the login details including Google Email ID and password of the device you would like to track

Step 3. Enter your mobile number or visit the same link on your web browser and hit on the “Send a link to my phone”

Step 4. Receive a text message with a URL

Step 5. Tap on the URL link to open it on your mobile web browser. Getting the URL link will charge you additional depending on your cellular network provider.

Step 6. Allow Google to access your location. Tap on the “Yes” when the dialog box pops up namely “Allow Google Latitude to view your current location”

Step 7. View the cell phone location on Google Earth. One can also raise the latitude request to find the latitude of a cell phone.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

Thanks to technological advancement, you can track a cell phone with just a number. When you do a Google search online, you can find various options available. Services like Find My Device, IMEI tracker, social media searching can help you locate a cell phone. However, it’s impossible for you to review all of them. That’s where Find My Phone comes in.

How to track a cell phone using Find My Phone?

Find My Phone comes in handy especially when you want to track a cell phone. It is designed for both Android and iOS devices. Using Find My Phone, you can locate the device and find your loved ones in a few steps. It can trace a mobile phone such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry thanks to its geolocation system. Here’s a simple guide to track a cell phone.

Step 1. Enter the phone number you wish to locate

Step 2. Validate the information

Step 3. Receive the result of location

When the process is completed, you can view the exact location on an interactive map that allows you to zoom in to a particular location, pan around or identify specific features. You’ll be able to check current state, city, street name, zip, date and attached timestamp.

Also, through the engagement with Google Maps, you can get a closer view of the aerial aspect of the shots through the application of satellite. This technique can be used by individuals to find lost or stolen device, parents to keep a track of their kids when they turn back late in the evening after the day school. Or business owners can pinpoint employees’ location and make sure they do not sneak off somewhere during office hours.

Final thought

By following the above guide, you can easily track a cell phone using Google Earth for free. We also provide some useful information about this application. Or you can resort to Find My Phone device. Simply enter the phone number and get exact location. Pick the one that matters to you!

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