How to find out where someone is by phone number?

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How to find out where someone is by phone number?

Location tracking becomes a trending topic as the demand for how to find out where someone is by phone number is on the rise. But the opinion is deeply divided on the possibility of locating someone by phone number. Some people think it’s nothing but a scam, while some hold the view that technology advancement makes it possible to track down a phone number. Whatever the case, you’ll find the answer in this article. We’ll walk you through how to locate someone using the phone number.

Can I find someone by phone number?

Yes, as technology has advanced considerably, location can accessible easily by just entering the phone number. For instance, phone number tracker, social media search, or reverse lookup service is the prefect way to go. It’s a great way to find someone online because it can provide location details including state, city, street name by just asking for the phone number.

How to find out where someone is by phone number?

It’s a challenging task to find a good GPS location tracking service. As you can see, several options are available on the internet. Some may require complicated procedures, while others are malicious sites and what you get are clickbait and scams. You’ll end up wasting time and exposing your personal information online. That’s why we recommend you to use Find My Phone.

Designed to meet the needs of concerned parents and people in relationship, Find My Phone helps stay connected with your loved ones. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and provide you with precise location within a few minutes. You don’t have to install any program to use this geolocation service. To find out where someone is by phone number, you only have to go through these simple steps:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Enter the phone number you wish to locate and your email address

Step 3. Verify message

Step 4. Receive email indicating the location

Now you can track down the phone number and view location details like city area, street name, zip, date and timestamp. It shows the searched result on the interactive map that you can drag down to street level. Other than that, it gives you a satellite view of location. Thus, you’ll be able to locate lost device and find where someone is located at any given time.

Is it possible to find someone by search engine?

Yes, popular search engine like Google lets you look for information that can be tied to individuals. Just type in the phone number on search bar and you may find the information such as address, network updates, business contacts.

Why you need to find out where someone is?

Everyone may have its own reasons to find out where someone is. It could be individual, safety or business purposes. Let’s discuss them in details.

Locate kids for their safety

There are few things more terrifying than not knowing your kids’ whereabouts in the late evening. You can’t reach them in either phone or social media. You’re eager to know what’s going on and where they are at this time. If you know kids’ whereabouts, you can ensure their safety or help them in case of emergency.

Locate wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend

Relationship needs mutual trust, but sometimes people cheat. If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you and planning to meet another woman/man, a location tracking service can server your exact purpose. It helps locate your partner’s whereabouts and detect suspicious movements.

How to prevent someone from tracking you?

Location tracking can be useful in certain situations, but it also allows someone else to retrieve information about your whereabouts. The straightforward way to stop someone from tracking you, is to change your phone location settings. To turn off location settings on Apple devices, simply go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Then scroll down to “System services” and choose “significant locations” to see the logged record, you can choose this to disable it.

Alternatively, if you want to change location settings on Android devices, you can launch the App Drawer and go to Settings > Location > Google Location. Tap location reporting and location history and switch the slider to off.

Final thoughts

This article clearly describes how to find out where someone is by phone number with Find My Phone. It has the ability to track down a phone number and find your family members. You can get accurate location like city area and street name without any hassle. Get started and get peace of mind!

Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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