Is it possible to locate mobile phone position only by number?

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Is it possible to locate mobile phone position only by number?

Have you ever learned the importance of tracking mobile phones? There may be many situations, such as theft, loss or tracking of people who own mobile phones. In all these cases, things are good before the mobile phone is put in your pocket, but when it comes to real-time tracking, things become a bit challenging. If someone turns off the GPS or data packet on the mobile phone, it will become more difficult. Now, the only thing left is the mobile phone number. You must wonder if it is possible to locate mobile phone position only by number. This article will help you make it clear.

Can I use my mobile phone number to locate my mobile phone?

Of course, you can actively track a mobile phone number. You may have encountered such scenes in some movies, where the police used to track the location by telephone number. When the mobile phone is turned on and the SIM card is activated, the administrative department will receive a signal flashing red light on their map. This technology doesn’t need any GPS, just a mobile phone number. The question now is, when government departments use such an advanced system, how can ordinary civilians use it to track their mobile phones? It’s no big deal. However, it is impossible to access other people’s mobile phones or your stolen mobile phones by using advanced government systems.

You can use a third-party mobile phone tracking service to locate your mobile phone. You can enter the mobile phone number you want to track and send a link to your mobile phone. As long as someone clicks the link, you can see the real-time location of your mobile phone.

How does Find My Phone help locate your mobile phone?

Find My Phone provides a better way to locate mobile phones. It allows you to track your target phone online without much effort. You can track the real-time location of the mobile phone you want to track from the browser by simply entering the phone number of the target mobile phone without downloading any software.

It is one of the most popular mobile phone tracking services, which makes parents relax because they can simply track their children with a phone number. It is compatible with all mobile phones of all famous brands such as HTC, Apple, Windows and LG.

Its setup is very simple, and you can easily locate your mobile phone by following the following steps:

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Select the country and type in the phone number

Step 3. Validate the information

Step 4. Receive the email showing the location

Why do you need to locate your mobile phone?

There are many reasons why you want to locate your mobile phone. Let’s discuss:

Children will lose their mobile phones easily.

This is very important for parents whose children have already used smart phones. They go to school with smart phones and go anywhere with smart phones. Probably, when you buy gadgets, you warned your children to take good care of this expensive thing. Most children are really afraid of losing their favorite “toys”- not so much because of the cost of mobile phones, but rather because of their parents’ reaction: shouting and punishing, and giving nothing but a cheap button cell phone afterwards. Find My Phone can easily find your smartphone by positioning it accurately via GPS tracking system. You can tell your child that if he/she lose your mobile phone or leave it somewhere, the application will help find your mobile phone. You will not scold and punish them for their negligence, but will work together to solve the problem quickly.

Give each other more free time and space.

Find My Phone allows them to find their children’s location without calling or texting them. In order for children to understand this, you need to demonstrate tracking and listening functions clearly and effectively. By using Find My Phone, parents will be able to let their children go further and stay with their friends longer. Because parents won’t bother by phone, you can know that your child is safe by looking at his real-time location through Find My Phone.


The facts have proved that it is possible to locate mobile phone position only by number. After the introduction of this article, Find My Phone is the best solution you can find, not matter when the phone is stolen or lost. It doesn’t need to download any applications, just enter the mobile phone number to view the real-time location of the mobile phone.

Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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