5 Ways GPS phone locator can benefit your business

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5 Ways GPS phone locator can benefit your business

Most of us have heard about GPS navigation devices and utilize them to find directions to destination. While you might be puzzled by global positioning system that is employed on devices like cell phone, vehicle, pet and more. It can be used to locate the current or past whereabouts of assets or someone. However, some people don’t realize how GPS phone locator can benefit your business. These services are commonly used for businesses ranging from ensuring driver safety to minimizing fuel consumption.

Reduce fuel costs

High fuel costs are always top concern for those manage a mobile workforce. It’s one of the reasons why many businesses invest in GPS phone locator. Idling, aggressive driving, wasting fuels at the pump are causes of high fuel costs. Thankfully, GPS solutions can help reduce idle times by utilizing alerts that tell the driver to shut off the engine after a specified amount of idle time passes. Also, those alerts can notify you about aggressive driving behaviors so you’ll be able to actively coach drivers with techniques that minimize fuel costs.

GPS tracking system also check how much fuel a drive uses via reports. This functionality was enchanced by integrating fleet fuel cards and you can even add limitations like where drivers fuel up and what they purchase at the gas station.

Check driving behavior

Employees could put their safety and your vehicle at risk when you speed. With the help of cell phone locator or fleet tracking system, it will send alerts every time it detects an excess in speed. If the driver knows his road behaviors are being supervised, he is likely to follow road rules. Once a safe driving program is implemented, the company can save on fuel, saving business money altogether.

Better customer service

Utilizing GPS system in a fleet management tool is helpful in improving customer service. It provides updated traffic situation on every road. The driver can avoid busy roads or roads that are under maintenance. By taking the most efficient routes to jobsites, deliveries will arrive on time and drivers can also complete more jobs every day. If your driver encounter a road problem, you will receive notification and you can inform your custmer about the status of the delivery.

Increase productivity

Each vehicle can complete at least one extra job, stop, delivery per week by taking the tracking solutions. Business owners can employ GPS technology to locate a mobile phone and see where your employers are at all times. You can assign the nearest driver to required location and know if some employees sneak off somewhere. Being more efficient can save you money on fuel consumption and overtime pay.

Moreover, yo don’t need to waste a significant amount of time on paperwork or mutiple software platforms. After all, it can take many phone calls to stay updated on whereabouts and provide location for people who is closest to an urgent job.

Boost accountability

GPS solutions can improve employee accountability, preventing misuse of vehicles. Responsible drivers can follow the driving rules and improve fuel efficiency for the enture fleet. GPS solutions can notify you of predefined metrics like acceleration, sudden braking, speeding, idle time and more. It doesn’t mean implicating drivers or keeping track of their every move. A good GPS phone locator enables you to accurately check and find your fleet at any given time. When drivers know they are being located, they are less likely to sneak off somewhere, use the vehicle for side jobs or stay at a loctaion longer than they should.

Is it legal to locate a cell phone or vehicle?

It depends. Before you access a tracking device, it’s advisable to do a little research on local, state or federal law. However, it’s totally legal to use a GPS solution if you own the vehicle, phone or asset to be located. Another situation is your asset might be taken without your permission. Or you want to locate your underage kids for safety.

In such cases, employers can locate a cell phone or vehicle owned by company and know real-time location. It would be great if using GPS system is a negotiated and agreed act between you and your employees.


Implementing a GPS phone locator can benefit your business. It can ensure driver safety, reduce fuel costs, check driving behavior, increase productivity and boost accountability. That’s why we recommend you to use a GPS device to locate someone or your assets, depending on the particular type of your business. Gain the competitive edge!

Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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