How to track a cell phone number on Google map?

How to track a cell phone number on Google map?

Nowadays, much attention are paid to the problem of individual safety due to the chaos during the pandemic. In such case, knowing how to track a cell phone number on Google map can be an absolute necessity. It has been a savior in cases when users want to know the precise location of any cell phone and stay connected with family members. You’ll get peace of mind that your loved ones are safe. Scroll down the blog and learn feasible ways to locate a phone number on Google map.

How to locate a phone number on Google map?

A combination of GPS signal and Google Maps make it possible to track a cell phone number. There are two ways you can go about putting that device on tracking through Google Maps. You can either turn on location sharing feature or send a request.

Enable location sharing

You can share your precise location with others, and vice versa. It also allows you to share progress within a specified set of directions so other individuals can determine when you may be arriving at your location. If you a user Google account logged in on the target device, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Google contacts of the main user and then join your Google account with the ID

Step 2. Launch the Google Maps app on target device

Step 3. On the main menu, select “location sharing” option

Step 4. Click on “add people” and then from the list of accounts, find and click your Google account

Step 5. Click over the option of Share. Now, select the particular period that you want to be applicable for keeping the real-time location of targeted phone shared

However, if you have no user Google account logged in on the target device, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the Google Maps app on the target device

Step 2. Select the option of location sharing

Step 3. Locate the option of Add people

Step 4. Tap on the option of Copy to clipboard and send the copied link through any medium to your device

Step 5. The target phone will not get traceable but only for 72 hours. You will have to use the link for tracking the target mobile.

Send location sharing request

In case you cannot access target device, you can send a request to the user of the main device to enable sharing the location on Google Maps. It’s a very simple method to get access to the real-time location of any device that you want to track.

Step 1. Launch the app and click on Location sharing

Step 2. A list of all the Google contacts will emerge now. Select the name of the user to whom you want to send the request

Step 3. Hit the option of Request and finally send the request to the person

Step 4. Once the person accepts your request, the location sharing will be activated. You will then find the location of the phone number on the map.

How to track a cell phone number using Find My Phone?

Find My Phone is a handy solution when it comes to track a cell phone number. You can get to know the precise location of target device by simply entering the phone number. It also displays the location being tracked on a real-time basis and uses the cellular signal and GPS for doing that. Other than that, you can see the search history to know where the device was located at certain time. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Head to

Step 2. Select the country and enter the phone number

Step 3. Verify message

Step 4. See the device’s location

As you can see, no technical skill is required to use this service. It can be used to find state, city, street name, date and timestamp. It shows the location on the interactive map that you can pan around, zoom in and out. Whether you want to find lost device or location your loved ones, Find My Phone can do the perfect job.


Using the above methods, you can know how to track a cell phone number on Google map. It gives you access to precise and real-time location. In case the person disables the location sharing feature, Find My Phone is one of your last resorts to locate a phone number and get accurate result. See how it can work for you!

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