How to prevent your phone from being tracked?

How to prevent your phone from being tracked?

In this digital era, privacy should be one of the issues we should be concerned about. Particularly, the advent of phone trackers makes it easy to locate a cell phone, which could put our information at risk. Luckily, corresponding ways come in handy if you want to prevent your phone from being tracked. You’ll be able to maintain your privacy after reading this article. Let’s check them out!

What are the ways of location tracking?

GPS is the most common used location solution. The newer satellite broadcast and chips make it easier to pinpoint the location with high accuracy. Most GPS trackers are equipped with GPS tracking system to locate a cell phone, and they are ideal for outdoor tracking.

Another solution we may be familiar with is WiFi that can provide a static known position. A device detects a WiFi access point and once multiple points are detected, can know its location. Also, unlike any other solution, QR code is more like near-filed communication that requires a close proximity scan. It’s suitable for those require hundreds of tracking points.

How to prevent cell phone from being tracked?

When it comes to prevent cell phone from being tracked, several methods can be adopted. We’ve put together some feasible ways for you. Take action and your location won’t be accessible to someone else.

Turn off location service

The most hassle-free way to stop your phone from being tracked is to turn off location service. On your Android device, go to Settings > Security and location > Google location settings then switch off the toggle. If you have multiple account, disable it respectively. For iOS users, simply tap Settings > Privacy > Location service and turn it off. It means that you are telling your device not to share GPS data.

Enable airplane mode

Turning on airplane mode is another way to stop tracking. This mode can limit cellular activities, shut down the WiFi radio and location service. None of them can connect to their respective networks. All you need to do is visit Settings then Airplane mode and turn it on.

Use private browser

Most browsers with inbuilt incognito mode allows users to browse the internet while remaining anonymous. It has the ability to erase the browsing history and password, block advertising and analytics, thus someone else cannot track your location. You can make use of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Check online accounts

It should come as no surprise that some companies like Facebook, Microsoft will track your clicks and likes. They use the information to post relevant ads. But you can opt out of personalized ad tracking and turning off behavioral tracking.

Control permission

Before installing apps from Google Play or App Store, you should check the permission required by them. Android devices will provide you a overview of the permission requests. While iOS applications will display a permission access pop-up. Sometimes the information can be sent to advertising companies for sending targeted ads. So it’s a good practice to check permission on apps regularly.

What are the benefits of phone tracking?

Although there exists some cons of location tracking, its advantages should be highlighted. It’s especially useful when it comes to emergency cases. Emergency responders can easily find you and secure you from dangerous situation, which takes less time and effort. It also enables you to keep an eye on your kids or other family members. If you’re concerned about your underage kids or senior parents getting lost, GPS tracker enables you to know where exactly they are.

GPS tracking doesn’t stop here, it helps locate your cell phone when you misplaced it somewhere or if it’s stolen. You can get real-time updates as long as the device is active and connected to the internet. Thus, you’ll be able to recover your device.

Final thought

We’ve covered multiple ways to prevent your phone from being tracked in this article. The easiest way is to turn off location service so your device will stop sharing GPS data. Or you can enable airplane mode and control permission on installed apps. Just pick one that fulfills your requirement!

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