How to find the location of a phone number?

Find My Phone
How to find the location of a phone number?

Technology puts the power in your hands to locate the phone and take the right action accordingly. People try to find the location of a phone number due to child safety, personal or business purposes. Thankfully, various options are available when it comes to find phone location. If you are wondering how to find the location of a phone number, you’ve come to the right place.

Is it possible to find a phone location with just number?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, several methods have emerged and they help users find out where a phone or someone is by just inputting the phone number. Not all of these tools are available to the public but there are many apps that people can use to track GPS location online. Let’s discuss them in details.

How to find the location of a phone number

Find the location using Find My Phone

The most hassle-free way to find the location of a phone number is via Find My Phone. This geolocation service lets you locate the phone and find the person you are looking for. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for you to track the location. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Enter the phone number you want to track

Step 2. Verify message

Step 3. Get the exact location of the phone

Find My Phone

As you can see, no technical skill or professional knowledge is required to use this service. Once the phone number is assigned to the interface, it will deploy the solution to you with the smallest error range. You can check the exact location on the map, which displays the street name and allows you to zoom in and out.

This GPS tracker can be useful in various situations. One can use it to locate the lost or stolen phone. Parents can keep a track of their child and ensure their safety. Also, you can check your partner’s location and ensure he is not cheating on you. Business owner can locate their employees and make sure they don’t sneak off somewhere during office hours.

Find the location using caller ID

As an alternative, you can track the location via CNAM lookup tool. It lets you identify a caller’s location as well as unveil all essential information including the owner’s name, the exact city and states a person’s in. It can also help you with checking the spam score of the phone number being tracked. If a phone number has any spam history associated with it, the service will display the number as “spam” on your phone.

However, if the person you are trying to locate use a CNAM blocker, the call will not be identified as this feature hides the caller’s name and phone number. Moreover, unknown calls do not show any details of the phone number.

Find the location using Whitepages

Whitepages comes in handy when you need to find the location of a phone number. This service scans public records on an individual or business to provide you with details insights on a person or phone number. It should be noted that when you’re in the US, the service is connected directly with the SS7 network for real-time tracking. The SS7 network is a database of phone numbers with associated personal details, so every query your phone number tracking service sends through to the SS7 network will produce the details stored against the number.


Open the Whitepages website and click the Reverse Phone tab. Then enter the phone number and press Enter, you can easily track down someone’s home address associated with the phone number. While Whitepages will restrict the amount of free information you can see, you can usually see a spam rating, the phone number’s registration location, carrier and the first letter of the phone owner’s first and last name.

What can be my final choice?

The above methods help you easily locate the phone. Among all of the options, Find My phone can be my final choice. It is the smart blend of ease of use, performance and security. This phone locator is easy to set up and you just need to enter the phone number to get the exact location. It is safe from malware and viruses. Thus, you can find location without any hassle.

Wrapping up

By picking one of the above methods, you can easily find the location of a phone number. In particular, Find My Phone provides you with an effective and desirable outcome. You will find tracking phone location is quite simple.

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