Should parents track their kids’ location?

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Should parents track their kids’ location?

Compared to generations ago, the use of GPS tracker technology has grown considerly and its benefits has been highlighted. It gives parents ability to locate kids’ whereabouts and help with parenting. Despite the benefits that tracking services bring, some people are wondering whether or not parents should track their kids’ location. If you are still on the fence using GPS technology, keep on reading. This guide will help you better understand the location tracker and how it can work for us.

Why parents track their kids’ location?

Many parents access a GPS tracker to find out where their kids are. With the help of location tracking service, parents can get peace of mind especially when kids have a busy social life, walk home or get to school alone, take part in outdoor activities. The most common reason is to provide protection when kids are out of sight. As GPS location tracker can tell you where your kids are located, you can come to rescue them in emergency cases.

The pros of tracking kids’ location

GPS tracker utilizes global positioning system to pinpoint someone’s location at any time. Location tracking can bring us convenience and facilitate communication. Below are some pros of tracking kid’s location.

Ensure child safety

Always knowing where your kids are can give parents peace of mind. The increasing cases of kidnapping and missing children worries parents but tracking kids’ location helps avoid getting lost. Also, you wouldn’t be anxious or blank-minded when your kids did not get home at scheduled time or visit friend’s house without informing you. It can be used in cooperation with teachers to create a safety community around kids. Thus, kids can gain a sense of indepence without you being physically present for every activity.

Ease communication

Tracking kids’ location also facilitates communication. If you know kids’ whereabouts, you don’t need to send text or make phone call frequently. It saves time and effort and family cohesion can be enhanced.

The cons of tracking kids’ location

Although tracking kids’ location provides parents with many benefits, some people are afraid that such tech is transforming predent parenting into monitoring parenting. There are some cons of mobile phone tracking you should consider.

Concerns over the tech

It should come no surprise that some tracking services or applications don’t aim to keep family member safe and connected. They are designed to make money by gathering information to be sold to third-party. It means that you may expose kids’ privacy to service provider that you’re using, which could put kids at risk. It’s essential to read relevant privacy policy and term of use before you access the service.

Distrust from kids

Location tracking may negatively impact the close relationship between kids and parents. After all, kids may feel that parents are “spying” on them and it can undermine a sense of distrust. That’s also a cause for delay in parents accessing a cell phone tracker.

Create a dependence

In some ways, kids may depend on parents for protection. Tracking kids via GPS tracker could limit independent behavior as well as fail to encourage self-reliance.

Tips for parents to connect with kids

If you are concerned about child safety, family GPS tracker is your ideal choice. You can determine kids’ physical location and take appropriate action. Parents have legal right to locate their underage kids for security. However, before you accessing a location tracking service, it’s advisable to talk with your kids and tell your intention behind using such technology. It would be better if location tracking is an agreed and negotiated act as kids know it’s completed for the sake of security.

Also, parents can follow kids’ lead to know what may interest them now as their interests might change quickly. If your kids are tech-enthusiast, let them show you how advanced tools work. It can bring more to the conversation between you and kids.

Wrapping up

The discussion on whether or not parents should track their kids’ location comes to end. Now it’s clear that location tracking has its pros and cons. It’s better to communicate with kids before you access a GPS tracker, so as to avoid damaging close relationship and create a sense of distrust. We hope that phone tracker can be used properly and legally.

Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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