How can I track my elderly parents’ phone?

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How can I track my elderly parents’ phone?

It’s hard to imagine what would happen if an elderly parent with dementia got lost or disoriented. Even worse, they do not pick up your phone calls. If you find yourself in similar situation, a GPS phone locator or wearable tracking device may be the answer you are searching for. With this solution, you’ll be able to trace your elderly parents’ location, bring them safely home and get greater peace of mind. If you are the caregiver or child of aging loved ones, it’s importan to learn how to track your eldelry parents.

Why keep track of your elderly parents?

The idea of tracking your aging parents may seem a bit invasive, but tracking for safety may be your only option, especially when parents become elderly and begin to lose their faculties. If you know your parents’ whereabouts, you can ensure that they are safe and provide help if needed. GPS cell phone tracker is especially helpful if you parents live alone and you want to offer safety and support when needed. It can put your mind at ease.

When you should track your elderly parents?

There is no definite answers to this, but some factors can help you make decision. As people age, it is common for their thought process to show a decline. Chances are that your aging parents can get lost when walking in the store or driving, and they are unable to follow all steps in directions. That’s maybe the time to start GPS tracking.

Also, not all health challenges are indicative of the necessity of location tracking, but forgotten medication, missed medical appointments and mysterious bruises are some things to watch for. It may be time to begin location tracking as they go about their travels or daily routine.

If you parents travel frequently and internationally, it’s necessary to invest in a GPS tracker that transmits location data in real-time. Then you can know when and where they are going to and stay connected with them.

How to track your elderly parents to keep them safe?

When it comes to track your elderly parents, some people may consider GPS tracking devices such as GPS watch and key chains. Because your parents will always have the device with them. These discrete device can be used to track the movement of an individual. In case of emergency, they can connect to the appropriate emergency responders. However, it requires the user to wear the device at all times. If the device is not charged or properly powered, it could provide misguided safety.

As such,  the most hassle-free way is to get your elderly parents a GPS location tracking app or online website service. Parents don’t have to attach to the device or run the risk of battery failure. But when you do a quick search of location tracker, you will likely become overwhelmed. That’s why Google Maps or Find My friends come in handy.

Both of them allow you to share real-time location with family members or friends. All you need to do is sign into your Google account, enable location sharing on your device and request your elderly parents’ location. Your parents can set a time for which they want to share their location with you. Once they accept your location request, you can view their real-time location on the interactive map.

Even if you do not install location tracking app, phone number tracker websites can be your good assistant. GPS cell phone locator, Phone Locator and Trace Phone Number are among the best online tracking services. Combined with GPS and cellular signal, these trackers let you track your elderly parents phone by number. They work with both Android and iOS devices so you don’t need to worry about cross-platform compatibility.

You just need to type the phone number you wish to geolocate and get started. Once the GPS on the device is activated, it will show you precise location of your elderly parents on a map. It supports zooming in and out, panning around and you also can switch to satellite view.

Is it Legal to Track Your Elderly Parents?

If you are using a tracking device to locate your elderly parents, then you are likely to get their prior consent. As the use of a location tracking app has been mutually agreed upon, it is completely legal and ethical.

However, if you secretly put a location tracking app on your parents’ device and they do not have knowledge of it, you could face criminal charges if they found out and decided to take legal action. According to some state laws, such tracking behavior can be viewed as a significant invasion of privacy.

Final thoughts

If you decide to track your elderly parents phone, the above-mentioned options can be your good helper. If your parents are resistant to wearing a tracking device, it’s better to either request your their location using Google Maps or resort to phone number tracker websites. They can provide you with accurate location, without running the risk of signal or battery failure.

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